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La Giraudière is offering intern places from 4 to 12 weeks’ duration, Spring, summer and Autumn.

There are several internships available,

Assistant to the project director – Come learn how to run this project work alongside the project director as his assistant.

Facility management – Groups of buildings , hospitals, schools etc all need management it is the same at La Giraudiere.

Hospitality mangament – La Giraudiere is a volunteers and interns project but none the less it is the same as running an hotel but with a much more relaxed attitude

Marketing and SEO – Learn how to create websites that can be found.

All the internships come with formal French, or English, lessons. Each week of the internship interns benefit from a half day lesson in a group enviroment and two half days each week on a one-to-one basis with our French teachers.

internship in France

One of the fundamental differences between this internship and those you will find advertised and offered elsewhere is that we, La Giraudière, provide you the learning internship, the accommodation with meals, the Language courses, the inorgoration, the work experience. Yes everyhing is here at La Giraudière in France.

We are not trying to sell you someone else’s internship or send you somewhere where we know of an internship opportunity. No it is here at La Giraudiere your program your accommodation all in;

The Internships are available in Spring, Summer, and Fall. You can apply for 4-12 weeks and you can apply now. You can read how to apply and more about the dates available on Application Process.

This is a opportunity to boost your CV/resume and gain valuable real work experience that will give you and your career prospects that essential extra edge needed today. To read more about what’s offered, read The Benefits of an Internship

Credit for your internship – La Giraudière is willing to work with your faculty so that you can apply for academic credit for this internship. For further information read Internship Credit