Internships In France
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Internship in France

Internship In France 

La Giraudière is offering Learning, or training, Internships in France that are unequalled and probably the most unique
 that has ever been offered. The first main difference about La Giraudiere internships is they are ALL IN, by this we
mean the learning internships, the language courses, your accommodation, your meals, transfers and a whole
 lot more are all in one place at La Giraudiere. With this internship there is no arranging your language
course no searching for accommodation everything you need is here at La Giraudiere.

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All Inclusive Internships

Interns in France 

The principle objective of our training, or learning, internships is they are designed to bridge the gap between
studying and starting your working life although they are also open to people of all ages who also wish to learn
 new skills. So if boosting your CV, or resume, and gaining some valuable work experience and priceless knowledge
 is your goal then for sure the internships at La Giraudiere will give you and your career prospects that extra
edge needed in todays competitive job market.

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Benefits of Interning Abroad

Internship In France

All internships come with a French, or English, language course, for 2020 plans are in place to add Chinese as
 another option on choosing Languages.
Internships can be between 4-12 weeks and are presently available
in Spring, Summer and the Fall.

Academic Credit

If  you wish we will work with your faculty so that you can apply for academic credit from your university for your internship.

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Why pay thousands of dollars studying abroad in some city where you are just a number when you can intern at La Giraudiere and have a real work experience in France for a fraction of the cost and enjoy a culture exchange at the
 same time.

internship students france

Presently we provide training internships for the following positions;
 1. Assistant to the project director, read more about this internship at
Internship as assistant to Project Director 

2. Marketing, promotions & advertising manager for our NGO project read more at
Marketing Internship In France

spainish intern in france marketing internship

3. Hospitality and Accommodation logistics for La Giraudiere, presents the opportunity to learn about hospitality, or accommodation;  management in a much more relaxed, involved and informative atmosphere read then more at
Hospitality & Accommodation Internship

Interns in France

4. Accounts and finance internship involves doing the accounts at La Giraudiere, learn how non-profit's have to account for themselves more so than those who's goal is profit. Learn how to do simple book keeping up to producing
a trial balance and final balance sheet.

Accounts & Finance Internship

5. Household management internship, La Giraudiere works exactly the same as an hotel or other accommodation establishment and therefore presents the opportunity to learn about household management in a much more
relaxed, involved and informative atmosphere

Household Management Internship

Internship certificate of training

A meaningful Internship in France

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Apply to Intern now

The 2020 internship season starts from the 27 April 2020 and we are open until the 7th October 2020
We are also now taking reservations for 2021 so apply now, The 2021 internship season starts from the 26 April 2021 and
we are open until the 8th October 2021
You can apply from 3 to 12 weeks

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The association Les Amis De La Giraudiere is a non-profit NGO registered in France
 numero siren 798 712 048 00015
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