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Internship in France

Internship In France 

Internship certificate of training

Summary - Almost every action that takes place within a NGO (non government organisation) attracts an accounting procedure. Everything must be documented and accounted for. This internship will introduce you to the importance of accounting procedures. Interns will also be introduced to different practices from the basics of double entry accounting to using computer programs such as   the sage computer program for business accounting.

La Giraudiere's association namely Les Amis De La Giraudiere is a non profit association which means any gains which are created are reintroduced into the improvement of the project and it's program, interns will learn how we carry this out and just how important it is for non profit association to have a clear presentation of it's accounts and how it is more important for us to have in place a  transparent accounting procedure.

Encompassed within the accounting internship interns will learn about the different ledgers from sales ledger to purchase ledger and how the nominal ledger interacts with the two.

Reconciliation of accounts not just purchase and sales ledger but also the cash account and the bank accounts.

Interns will learn how to produce a trial balance from which they will produce a profit and loss and learn how the profit and loss interacts with the final balance sheet.

Location - La Giraudière, Brossac, South West France

Internship Type - Tasks and projects related to the organisation's purpose and mission and possibly encompassing the academic or business qualification you hope to receive or may already have. This internship will include French, English or Chinese language lessons, with the number of lessons depending on the length of the internship you have selected.

Interns Career Level - Trainee/Intern

Length of Internship - The minimum internship is 3 weeks and the maximum is 12 weeks.

Intern Dates - Dates at present are flexible with places available spring, summer and the fall. The 2020 internship season starts from the 27th April 2020 and we are open until the 7th October 2020.

Hours - The maximum hours 21 hours per week, the 21 hours includes your Language lessons

Assessment - Your language skills will be assessed in terms of Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction, Spoken Production and Writing, after which a language learning program personalized to your needs will be prepared.

Group Lessons - Half a day each week there is a group French lesson.

Individual to you - Two half a day per week you will have one-to-one intensive language lessons customized to your needs.

Language Appraisal - A final appraisal of your improvement as compared with your original assessment will be carried out during the last week of your internship, and an award of the chosen Language attainment will be presented alongside your Certificate of Internship and Letter of Achievement.

Intern's Learning, training and duties

Accounting & Book keeping - The internship will show you basic double entry accounting up to producing a trail balance and the systems that ensure La Giraudière is accountable and seen to be accountable.

This training internship will explain to you
Cash accounts and handling plus Cash reconciliation, How to put in place a system and procedure to insure that all cash receipts and payments are accounted for and reconciled. Bank reconciliation, Similar to the cash accounts the bank accounts also have to be reconciled to insure all bank payments, cheques, direct debits and card payments are accounted for and that all bank receipts are included and accounted for.

Purchase Ledger, Sales ledger and nominal ledger what are they? how do they relate to each other ? and how do you reconcile these accounts

The profit and loss account and the balance sheet what is the relationship between the two and how does the trial balance come into this equation?

A real meaningful Internship in France

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The 2020 internship season starts from the 27 April 2020 and we are open until the 7th October 2020
You can apply from 3 to 12 weeks
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The association Les Amis De La Giraudiere is a non-profit NGO registered in France
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