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Internship in France


You are applying for the internship as an Assistant to the Project Director at La Giraudière
 Be sure you have read the internship agreement and you understand the fees
Please complete all parts of the form and once submitted remember to send us your CV / Resumé  and other
information you would like to inlcude in your application.


First Name (s)
Family / Surname
Town or City
Post code / Code Postal
email address
Telephone Numbers
Age and Date of Birth
Sex:        Male  Female 
Describe what you are doing at this present time ?
 i.e are you at University and what are you studying? Or are you working and if so what is your job? Or are you unemployed? Is this part of your gap year or year out?

Do you hold a full driving license ?

Yes   No 
Did you send us your CV or resumé ?

Yes No 
If you had to choose three subjects from the Internship Job description, which do you think would be the most important for you to learn or develop?

The address you will be travelling from is it different from the above. (i.e. If you are a student) are you travelling direct from is your university?

If you become ill or have an accident whilst staying at La Giraudière who would we contact? Please supply their name, telephone number, and their relationship to you.

What medical and hospital insurance cover will you have? (Please state the name of your insurance company) 

What languages do you speak ?

Will you be applying for academic credit ?

Yes No

Note: If you are applying for academic credit there may be a minimum period required by your university, or faculty, so check with your administrator, advisor or careers officer prior to applying.
Where would you like  to see your career 10 years from now ?

Will you require a receipt for your booking in order to help with your Travel / Visa application ?Remember that some nationals are not allowed to visit France without a permit and/or a visa but you are allowed to visit as a paying guest or a tourist with a confirmed accommodation reservation. Please click the box to confirm yes if you do require an accommodation reservation receipt for your visa application

Do you have any dietary issues?

How long an internship would you like to do? You can check multiple

  4 week internship 
  6 week internship 
  8 week internship 

 10 week internship

 12 week internship

Tell us your preferred starting date start

Tell us your second choice start date

Tell us your third choice start date

Are you flexible about your dates?

Yes No
If you would like to add something about your dates please note it here

The Your arrival pick up point is Chalais Gare - please indicate this is ok or what other plans you have.
Chalais Gare (Station)
I will arrive direct at La Giraudière and will not need picking up 
I have my own car / transport and will arrive direct 
If you cannot make the trip or you are delayed you should notify us as soon as possible. No prior cancellation then No refund. We must have time to fill your place.
By submitting your application form for an internship you confirm you have read the internship agreement  and you agree to its' contents. You further realise that this internship is a training internship which provides a learning experience and is no way a position or employment or neither does this internship take away a position from another.


Internship In France

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The 2019 internship season starts from the 1st May 2019 and we are open until the 7th October 2018
You can apply from 4 to 12 weeks
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