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Internship in France

Internship In France 

Internship certificate of training

How to obtain Academic Credit for your Internship in France

If you are seeking academic credit from your university for your internship then you should seek approval
prior to enrolling in our internship program. La Giraudière is willing to work with your university in order that your
application for credit is successful.

Your University could consider the internship at La Giraudière as both career development or as an academic internship, and you should discuss the possibilities and options with both the Careers'
Officer and your advisor in your academic department.

When requesting that your internship at La Giraudière be considered for credits, you will need to know that La Giraudière is willing to work with your University/faculty and with your advisory/career officer to ensure that your internship provides a valuable work experience related to your studies or career.

La Giraudière together with yourself and your advisor/Careers' Officer will set targets and goals for  defining the outcome of your work experience. Upon completion, La Giraudière will provide you  with a Certification of Internship completion, together with feedback and evaluation of your internship. Furthermore La Giraudière will complete any similar documentation as required by your university and or advisor/Careers' Officer and you will receive a letter of reference.

Below is the reply after carrying out an evaluation for a interns from USA

north georgia university internship
"Thank you very much for your thoughtful evaluation of Mr.

Hawkins and for offering our students an opportunity to work with you and your organization.  We at the University of North Georgia appreciate the opportunity very much!"

Dr.Jonathan S. Miner JD, PhD

Associate Professor of Political Science
University of North Georgia
Department of Political Science & International Affairs

 Once your internship is approved by your university and you have completed the enrolment procedure,
we would like confirmation from the university stating that you, the intern, will be receiving academic
credit for your work experience. Procedures for registering your internship are different at each
University and hence also the time period - so start talking now.

In the past La Giraudière has provided internships under the Leonardo da Vinci programme which is now
 part of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme. We have also had interns who's
internship was sponsored by the erasmus programme again parts of the Lifelong Learning Programme

University of north georgia intern in france

Internship positions at La Giraudière will provide interns with both professional and pre-professional
activities similar to that of a new entrant in the field. The position will allow the intern to use
classroom knowledge and will provide hands-on experience. Tasks and duties can be directly related
 (if appropriate) to a student's academic major and/or career goals.

The internship will provide an intern with a minimum of 21 hours of work per week during a placement
period. All internship positions are in a supervised environment.

Academic Credit Internship


A real meaningful Internship in France

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The 2020 internship season starts from the 27 April 2020 and we are open until the 7th October 2020
You can apply from 3 to 12 weeks
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