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Internship in France

Internship In France a Testimonial from a British Intern

Jacques Stephens a British intern writes about his internship in France at La Giraudiere

During July 2014 I embarked on a 4 week internship at La Giraudiere in France. Tailored to your own specific requirements, the internship offers you the chance to gain experience in a wide range of possible areas.

From day one, I was immersed into the organisation in a position of responsibility. I dealt with applications and inquiries from possible volunteers and organizations from around the globe, and participated in the recruitment process.

I was encouraged to use my own intuition and skills in dealing with possible clients over the telephone, letter and by email. My teamwork and cooperation skills were thoroughly developed, with plenty of opportunities in liaising with other volunteers and the project manager. I really felt as if I was at the centre of the whole set up.
I was  involved in marketing La Giraudiere, learning the importance of social media and blogging in promoting the project. I was able to apply and develop my I.T. and literary skills, communicating with prospective and previous volunteers.

During the second half of my internship, I had the opportunity to develop and apply my accounting knowledge. I was taught how to use Sage, a professional accounting software, which I found extremely insightful. I was able to apply what I had learned by collating all the invoices, bills and receipts for the year to date and producing accounts up to trail balances.This was the highlight of the experience for me, as I felt that I was really contributing to the organization, something which many internships are not able to offer.


Jacques Stephens Uk Intern in France

My French skills were thoroughly developed, with many hours of one on one French tuition tailored to my needs and desires following an assessment on the first day. My grammar improved significantly, and the French teachers were able to pinpoint where I could improve and helped me to work on those areas. I was able to frequently practice my oral skills, both through the lessons and befriending the locals at the many events that the town held weekly.


British Intern in France

Overall, I found this internship to be highly insightful and beneficial. It is unique and gives you the opportunity to get stuck in. Everyone was kind, helpful and friendly. And the many activities that took place made it a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended to anyone thinking of applying.

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